About me

I’ve been an avid photographer since learning to shoot, develop and print images in high school.  It began with my father’s late 1950’s vintage Nikon S2 rangefinder camera, which he was brave enough to trust me with at the high school age.  Over the years since, I have owned many different camera bodies and lenses, almost exclusively Nikon.

Motorsports has been the primary target of my photography over the years.  As a retired drag racer myself, I love the sport of NHRA drag racing the most and always enjoy shooting these events when I am able to scoop a media credential.

Desert photography has recently piqued my interest.  Having lived in the desert for almost 30 years, I have grown to love our landscapes, sunrises, sunsets and monsoon storms.  Hardly a day goes by that there isn’t an opportunity to capture a beautiful image of the desert.  Shooting the monsoons is the most challenging of these and also the most rewarding and exhilarating.

I’ve attended workshops on portrait and macro photography.  I enjoyed both of the classes, but haven’t taken the time to apply myself to either genre.